Shreveport Theatre Community is an online community and resource that brings all of Shreveport-Bossier’s live productions into one place, making it easier for local patrons to find productions that interest them. We also provide relevant content for theatre goers/ lovers. ST.c provides one place to find local audition notices by posting all known audition dates for local theaters on our audition notices page as well. By involving the community, patrons, as well as the theaters themselves, Shreveport Theatre Community seeks to become a prominent resource for helping to grow the local theatre community as well as provide the best possible theatre experiences.

Our staff is currently entirely comprised of people who contribute their time, creativity, and talents to ST.c on a volunteer basis. Funds raised through advertising help to pay for software subscriptions used to help run/manage the site, advertising costs such as boosted posts on Facebook, and web hosting costs. This being said, we do operate on a for-profit model and hope to be able to pay hired contributors in the near future.

We have a unique audience of visitors that are hard to find and target through other channels. According to our Google Analytics Report, visitors to our site love arts & entertainment, crave the latest news, and often love books, movies, music, and pets. While our site is frequented by visitors of all ages, 44% are millennials. 71% are female.

We offer competitive advertising prices to target this unique group in new ways. Advertising with ST.c not only benefits your business but also helps support a resource that is looking to shine light on our wonderful, local arts community.

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Advertising Principles

ST.c reserves the right to refuse ad buys for any reason. As we are a local resource, we do not allow businesses or organizations from outside the SBC to buy native advertising with us. Non-native advertising is managed by Google and ad space is bought through a programmatic process, which may or may not include businesses outside of our local area.

There are certain types of content that we do not believe are appropriate for our site or its visitors. We do not allow election campaigns or other politically-related ads on our site. We do not allow ads in the following categories: black magic, dating, sexual, alcohol, or gambling.


Current Opportunities

Responsive Google Ads- These ads run in rotation underneath the header on all pages, near the bottom of our sidebar, at the bottom of every post, before the “you may like” sections, and right before the “more from” sections

ST.c’s Look at Me Contest Sponsor- The sponsor of the contest has their logo (linked to their website) on the ST.c nominee and voting pages for the contest, accompanied with the words “sponsored by.” Their logo is also included on any promotions made for the contest, including but not limited to videos and social media graphics. Videos will have a voiceover stating the sponsor. There will be no more than 1 ST.c’s Look at Me Contest sponsor at a time.

– Take5Five Ad Plug- If you are a sponsor of the new Take5Five weekly-produced, videos then you are guaranteed two 10-second vertical ad placements within an episode. We can work with you to use content you already have to create your vertical ads.

– Sponsored Post- These are a unique, unobtrusive, and native way to advertise to our visitors. Your posts looks just like any of our other posts with the exception of a tag stating it is sponsored. These posts can include anything you would like: text, video, or images. It can also be a list that can be ranked by site visitors. These work great for theatres announcing their upcoming season and building hype for their next productions or businesses with multiple products/ services.