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  • Car Rides with Theatre Kids
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    Cast Bonding at its Finest

    Fully choreographed car rides are the best. And there’s no better example of this than those lunch breaks during summer rehearsals. Half the cast is together. You’re excited about learning new songs and stoked about memorizing new choreography. You know what we’re talking about! More

  • Handsome Devil


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    North LA Gay & Lesbian Film Festival to Screen “Handsome Devil”

    The North Louisiana Gay & Lesbian Film Festival will be screening the film, “Handsome Devil,” at Robinson Film Center on September 9th at 1:20PM and September 11th at 5:30PM. The September 11th screening will have a special panel discussion after the showing with LGBT coaches and athletes sharing their experiences and answering audience questions. This […] More

  • Hanger Meme
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    #BackstageProbs: Who Took My Hanger?

    The show is over. You head back to the dressing room to change out of your costume to go say hello to your family and friends. Your hanger is no longer where you put it; yet, no one knows where it mysteriously disappeared too. More

  • Solar Eclipse 2017

    The Solar Eclipse: What’s Safe & What’s Not?

    The Solar Eclipse: What’s Safe & What’s Not? Let’s be honest. We’re all a little intrigued by the rare solar eclipse that will take place today. Here’s some good tips on if or when it’s even okay to look at the sun during the spectacular event. There’s even some directions on how to build an […] More

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    Strike Struggle

    We’ve all been there. You’re tearing down the set and realize you’ll never be in this moment again, with this group of people. It’s a little despairing. Then, you realize you have to find something to do in between shows. We’re not sure which one’s worse. What do you do in between shows? Let us […] More

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    7 Theatre Superstitions You Should Know About

    1. “Break a leg!” It is considered bad luck to say anything other than “break a leg” to an actor or actress before a show. 2. The Ghost Light Some theatres choose to leave a single lit lightbulb on backstage when the theatre is empty. Not only is considered bad luck to not, but it […] More