Shreveport Little Theater Hits a Homerun with Memphis

This past Thursday, the Shreveport Little Theater kicked off its 97th consecutive season with their version of the critically acclaimed musical Memphis. Directed by Laura Beeman Nugent, Memphis is set in the 1950s: a time when whites and blacks were living on different sides of the tracks. The comedic, two-act adventure revolves around Huey Calhoun, a white DJ who falls in love with R&B music, and Felicia Farrell, an African-American singer at her brother’s nightclub Delroy’s. After receiving disapproval of those close to them, these two main characters begin a love affair that challenges where they stand in the world and their relationship forever.

Going into the show Thursday night, I had no idea what to expect. I remember sitting there watching the first musical number of the show, thinking “wow.” Of all the musicals I’ve seen, this one instantly grabbed my attention. On stage, the cast seemed to have great chemistry. The energy they brought to their characters persisted throughout the entire show. They created a world and brought me into it. In particular, I loved how the characters would feed off of each other. Along with the acting, the choreography was on point as well. To me, that’s what helped make the show so fun to watch. One minute, you’re in awe. Then, you’re laughing. Next, they’re breaking into a dance number. I wanted to dance with them. Nothing felt out of place. The scenic transitions were smooth and quick. Everything was in sync with this show.

I really loved each character’s unique comedic portrayals in this show. No character felt unimportant to the narrative. If you’re looking for something to add to your list of extracurriculars this summer, I recommend going to see Memphis. Starring Brady Hodgson (Huey) and Aryelle Edmonds (Felicia), Memphis is definitely a show that’ll keep you laughing, gasping, and is just full of surprises from beginning to end!

SLT’s production of Memphis runs thru July 29th. Click here for more details and to buy tickets.

This article is a guest post by Leroy McCray. McCray is a 2018 graduate of Centenary College of Louisiana, receiving a BA in Theatre. He is moving to California later this month to attend Studio School and receive an MFA in Acting. His favorite role was Roger in Centenary’s 2016 production of The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket.

Shreveport Little Theatre's Memphis: Review

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