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ST.c’s Look at Me: Marshall Merritt

We’re proud to announce our second ST.c’s Look at Me! monthly winner, Marshall Merritt, for the month of July! Marshall was most recently seen in the ensemble of Green Day’s American Idiot by Stage Center and has already been catching the eye of audience members, although he’s only been in theatre about a year.

He’s previously been cast as a knight in Once Upon A Mattress, but his first audition came along when Stage Center produced Green Day’s American Idiot. After sitting the bench for his junior varsity soccer team he realized his true calling wasn’t on the field but on stage! “I’d been singing for as long as I can remember, so I was looking for something to do that would allow me to utilize my singing talents and I figured that adding acting and dancing would be even better,” Merritt told us.

In the beginning, he had no idea where to start. That was, until American Idiot auditions were announced. Green Day is Marshall’s absolute favorite band. He couldn’t pass up an opportunity like this to get his foot in the door! So he auditioned. He’s been doing musical theatre ever since, but is looking forward to performing in other plays as well.

Merritt’s credits to date include Levi in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Shrek in Shrek the Musical. He’s been cast as Al in the upcoming Stage Center production of A Chorus Line as well. He also awaits the casting results for Caddo Magnet High’s production of Guys and Dolls.

“In the short time that I’ve been doing theatre, it has been so good to me and it has given me experiences that will last a lifetime.” Theatre has become a big part of Merritt’s life and he now even plans to major in musical theatre in college. “Theatre means the world and more to me because it is the one place where I’ve found a home away from home,” Merritt said. “The one thing I tell everyone I can say for certain is that the only regret I have is that I didn’t discover it earlier.”

He’s extremely thankful for the welcoming arms of the Caddo Magnet High Players and the Stage Center family for welcoming him so warmly. He’d also like to thank everyone who voted to help him win the July ST.c’s Look at Me! contest. “I also have to thank everyone who voted to make me the winner this month. It’s a great feeling to have not just my family, but the Shreveport theatre community stand behind me throughout my journey into the theatre world. Thank you so much!”

We’re proud to have you, Marshall. This is what the Shreveport theatre community is all about and we’re excited to see what you achieve next!

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